ORPE Technologiya specialists developed 10 new technologies for production of materials  

9 February 2023
Last year ORPE Technologiya specialists developed ten new technologies for production of materials and two test methods, conducted eight scientific research, furthermore, the enterprise became the owner of 39 patents for inventions. The share of R&D activities in the total revenue of Technologiya in 2022 was 13%, exceeding 1 billion rubles. 

In 2022, ORPE Technologiya solved a number of important tasks concerning the substitution of import materials and technologies for the domestic industry. In a short time, due to the organization of full-cycle production at the enterprise, the production of electrically-heated transparencies for railway transport from home-made materials was set up, the process of applying the conducting coatings was acquired and regular supplies of structural optics for new domestic locomotives as well as repair kits for the operating equipment were ensured. 

The demand of the domestic aerospace industry for power aluminum honeycomb cores applied in aircraft structures has been fully covered. As part of research and development work, the technologies have been developed to be used in production of transparencies for domestic passenger aircraft.

“The current decade has been declared the decade of science and technology in Russia. Our enterprise contributes greatly to the development of scientific activity and provision of technological sovereignty of the country. We have many tasks to solve, and the solution of most of them depends on successful activity of the company's researchers,” said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.
In 2022, for the eleventh time, ORPE Technologiya confirmed its status as the State Research Center of the Russian Federation.
Currently, 723 employees are engaged in research activities at the enterprise, including five members of the Russian Academy of Engineering, two academicians of the International Academy of Engineering, ten doctors of sciences, 55 PhD candidates, four professors, six associate professors.