Prospects for the cooperation with Airbus

25 June 2014
The specialists of ORPE Technologiya took part in the meeting with the members of the Aerospace Industry Association of France GIFAS.
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The event organized by the State Corporation Rostec gathered the representatives of leading domestic enterprises and institutes, which are interested in the development of cooperation with European leaders of the high-tech industry.

In the course of discussion the attendees discussed the possible practical steps aimed at the optimization of the Franco-Russian interaction on the promising cooperation in the areas of the aircraft- and engine-building, pilotless aircraft production, delivery of equipment and materials.

Deputy Director-General of ORPE Technologiya A. Khmelnitsky proposed in his speech a way to develop such a mutually beneficial cooperation. This can be the production of glazing articles on the base of the Obninsk Enterprise for the repair of the Airbus aircraft being operated in Russia, which amount to two hundred and fifty units.

Since 2013, the Quality Management System of the aircraft glazing production at ORPE Technologiya is in conformance with the international standards AS/EN-9100, which regulate the production output for the aerospace industry. In case of the production accreditation according to the Airbus standards, the Enterprise can become the official supplier of the French Corporation.

In the future, the international cooperation can be possible in the field of polymer composite assemblies and radioparent radomes supplies for the needs of European aircraft builders.

“The state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified specialists and the high level of production, which has been confirmed many times, make our entering the cooperation with Airbus quite a live target. However, there is still in prospect a fairly long-term certification procedure of the conformance to the international requirements for the suppliers of aircraft-building components”, emphasized Director-General O.Komissar.