A New Development of Technologiya to Increase the Efficiency of Spacecraft

30 November 2022
The invention of Obninsk scientists, first of all, solves the problem of reducing the size and weight of the space vehicles. The developed technology allows to produce the ultralight integral type composite products - the frame volumetric structures - of complex shape, which makes it possible to use them as independent elements or as a part of a spacecraft body having the curved surface. 

Ultralight composite products of complex curvature have unique weight characteristics, the maximum specific weight of the structures is about 400 g/m2 and they have high stiffness.  The prototypes are ultralight flat-shaped solar cell frames developed at Technologiya in 2016 and installed on the Russian small spacecraft Aist-2D and the Iranian satellite Khayyam. 
Composite products of complex curvature can be applied not only in space, but also in other industries, requiring the manufacture of ultralight structures of complex shape having high strength, stiffness and low weight.

"Our unique development is protected by a patent of the Russian Federation.  The company's specialists are constantly improving the technologies of manufacture of space industry products. These developments allow to create space equipment of new generation, besides, they are successfully used in other industries as well," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya. 
Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya is the leading developer and manufacturer of science-intensive polymer composite products for the space industry. 74 spacecraft having the components manufactured by ORPE Technologiya were launched into orbit.