The Report of ORPE Technologiya Employee on Introduction of Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Methods Was Recognized as the Best at the International Conference ICCT-2022

14 October 2022
The report, prepared in co-authorship with Alexander Machikhin, associate professor at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, presented the results of practical work on production of innovative hardware and software complex for non-destructive testing, including an automated stand, a software for digital processing of infrared images and defect detection. Due to bringing the complex into service more than 100 parts from polymer composites were inspected using non-destructive testing method, in eight cases the unacceptable defects were revealed, for correction of which the boundaries of defective zone were specified and repair strategies were developed. As a result of the work and re-inspection, the parts, the total value of which exceeded 50 million rubles, were found to comply with the requirements of the design documentation and allowed for operation.

"The enterprise is the leading manufacturer of high-technology products from polymer composite materials for the aerospace industry. Each project is the implementation of new technologies, production processes, verification of new materials properties and a new step in the domestic industry. That is why we devote much attention to the development of methods of quality control of the products," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya. 

Within the framework of carrying out the project of manned spacecraft Buran, ORPE Technologiya was the first in the domestic practice to develop the methods of repair and non-destructive quality control of the elements and structures made of polymer composite materials for flying vehicles. At present the enterprise holds the exclusive rights to ten objects of the intellectual property including the equipment and methods of non-destructive testing of the products made of composites.