ORPE Technologiya develops a unique sealant

3 June 2014
ORPE Technologiya has developed an adhesive sealant featuring improved heat- resistance and adhesive joint strength and intended for the needs of the rocket-building industry.
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The sealants in current use do not entirely satisfy the requirements of the rocket builders. The increased working temperatures and the necessity to lengthen the service life of space vehicles are bringing forth new challenges for the space industry.

Developed at ORPE Technologiya, the unique sealant for the adhesion of metals and ceramics is efficient in the temperature range from - 60 up to + 300 0C and does not lose its main properties at a temporary temperature rise of up to +500 0C. In developing the novel material the specialists of the Enterprise tested more than fifty compositions based on silicon rubber of various structure.

The composition chosen and designated as the GPO-2П complies not only with the technical requirements, but also preserves the strength of the adhesive joints after the GPO-2 components have been stored for a period of up to a year. A set of production documents has been drawn for the unique composition, and the pilot batches have been tested in the content of the certificate.

“The distinctive feature of the applied research being carried out by the Research Complex of the Enterprise is the ability not only to achieve the results relevant to today’s needs, but to outreach them”, Director-General O.Komissar emphasized.