ORPE Technologiya Has Import-Substituted the Heated Transparencies for Locomotive Cabs

23 August 2022
A current-conducting coating in the form of an ultrathin metal oxide film applied to the surface of one of the glass panes serves as a glass (triplex) heating element in the locomotive cab. When energized, the film heats the entire glass system uniformly without any hot and cold spots or optical distortions even for complex-geometry transparencies. In recent years, glasses with applied current-conducting coatings have been supplied by foreign manufacturers. 

"Under the current economic conditions, it became necessary to organize a full-cycle production of transparencies for locomotive cabs. We set up the process of applying the current-conducting coatings in the shortest possible time and began to supply structural optics for new domestic locomotives and repair kits for operating ones," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya. 

ORPE Technologiya’s current-conducting coatings provide wide heating power range which makes the driver’s work safe and comfortable even in the most severe weather conditions. The transparencies are equipped with temperature control sensors and contactless thermoelectric controllers to maintain the set temperature.

ORPE Technologiya is a domestic leader in the field of development and batch production of transparencies for locomotive cabs, multiple-units, maintenance vehicles and metro coaches, with 70% market share.

The transparencies produced by Obninsk enterprise are used in EP20, 2ES5K, 2TE25Km, 2ES10, KZ8F, KZ4AT locomotives, RA-3 rail bus and other railway vehicles. The enterprise's product range includes more than 400 types of transparencies for 55 types of electric locomotives, 48 types of diesel locomotives, 14 types of electric trains, 3 types of rail buses, 26 types of maintenance vehicles for diesel trains. The products fully comply with the requirements of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) technical regulations "On Rolling Stock Safety".