Developments of ORPE Technologiya Were Used in Iranian Satellite Khayyam

12 August 2022
Significant weight reduction while retaining the structural strength performance has been achieved due to the use of composites and improved assembly technique. Thus, the temperature control radiator has become 10% lighter compared to its previous analogues and the weight per square meter of the solar cell carrier is only about 400 g.

The special Obninsk-made temperature control panels, which serve as the satellite housing as well as perform the stable temperature maintenance function, have also contributed to the increased weight performance. 

"Khayyam satellite vehicle is a project playing an important role for space cooperation between Russia and Iran. And it is significant for Rostec because Khayyam is the 70th satellite vehicle put into orbit with components manufactured by ORPE Technologiya. The engineering and technical solutions used by our specialists for the Iranian project have proved their reliability during operation of domestic Arktika, Kanopus, and other satellites. The enterprise will continue its development in this field - the planned high-technology product output for the Russian space industry is to grow by 30% during the current year," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

ORPE Technologiya has been providing the space industry with hi-tech composites for more than 40 years. Only for the last year the enterprise produced more than 250 hi-tech products for launch vehicles, vehicles for interplanetary and near-Earth investigations, and Orel spacecraft.
Khayyam satellite launched on August 9, 2022 from the Baikonur space base has been put into low Earth orbit and has dumped its first data. The satellite was developed by Russian enterprises for Iran. Monitoring and surveying of the Earth’s surface will become a part of the mission.