ORPE Technologiya Confirmed Its Status of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation

18 May 2022
ORPE Technologiya is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of science-intensive products made of polymer composite, ceramic and glass materials for various industries and one of the three State Scientific Centers of the Russian Federation of the Rostec State Corporation. One-third of the employees - more than 600 people – are employed in the research sector, nearly half of whom are under the age of 39. The annual volume of work performed per researcher is 2.3 million rubles.

Over the years, the scientists of ORPE Technologiya received more than 1,500 inventor’s certificates and patents. To date, the enterprise has exclusive rights to 400 inventions, utility models and trade secrets.

"What makes Technologiya unique is that our scientific and production divisions are a single whole.  We have an opportunity to work ahead of the curve, manufacturing products using materials and technologies developed by our own researchers," said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya. 

The Decree “On State Scientific Centers of the Russian Federation” was signed by the President of the Russian Federation in 1993 in order to preserve the leading world-class scientific schools in Russia, develop the country's scientific potential in the field of fundamental and applied research, and train highly qualified scientific personnel. State scientific centers are the most important element of the country’s economic security and development of the national innovation system.