ORPE Technologiya participates in the production of Russian frameless spacecraft

17 April 2014
ORPE Technologiya in cooperation with RPE TAIS developed a unique technology, which made it possible to reduce the terms of spacecraft assembly. The new method was successfully applied in the production of the spacecraft EgyptSat-2, placed into orbit on 16 April.
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The distinctive feature of this satellite was a frameless base. The specialists of ORPE Technologiya and their partners managed to integrate the frame in the temperature control panel already on the stage of manufacturing these panels. The unique solution reduced the terms of spacecraft final assembly at the same time providing compliance with the requirements of accuracy and reliability.

Earlier assembly of analogous spacecraft with the use of conventional methods took up to six months and required not only special equipment, but also a large number of trained personnel. The spacecraft, produced in accordance with the new technology, was assembled for 10 minutes by two specialists. According to the acceptance board’s report, the innovative development that reduced working hours to a considerable degree completely provided tough requirements for assembly quality.

One more characteristic of the project consists in a very short term of forming an end product- two months after receiving the specification.

EgyptSat-2, placed into orbit and being one of the best spacecraft of this grade in the world, became the first frameless spacecraft produced in Russia. Apart from it in the history of space exploration there is only one example of successful launch of the satellite, made with a similar technology.