Airtech Day at ORPE Technologiya

15 April 2014
The 2nd scientific-practical seminar Airtech Day was held in the territory of ORPE Technologiya. The leading specialists of Sukhoi Design Bureau and Kazan Helicopter Plant took part in this seminar dedicated to the efficiency of composite material use in aviation.
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The participants of the seminar were shown the innovative vacuum films, materials for tooling production and infusion molding, other products manufactured by Airtech Company. The potentialities of the products were demonstrated in actual practice.

Vacuum films 12 m in width, polysurface films and films intended for epoxy binder application make it possible to decrease the production costs and at the same time to maintain a high quality of final products. According to the foreign guests’ estimates the year-to-year growth in the Russian market demand for Airtech products is 30-40%.

A long-standing cooperation between ORPE Technologiya and Airtech Company has a tendency to the sustained expansion and is mutually advantageous allowing the foreign country to cultivate the Russian market successfully and allowing ORPE Technologiya to extend the international cooperation in high-technology industries.

Air Europe Sarl (Luxembourg) is a European division of the American company Airtech Advanced Materials Group. It is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials serving the composite, bonding and tooling industry.