ORPE Technologiya shares its experience in the production of aerospace assemblies

13 April 2014
The management of ORPE Technologiya took part in the I European- Russian aeronautics conference “Avia-Invest 2014” in Riga (Latvia). The event was held under the auspices of European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) and leading aerospace clusters of Russia.
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The conference model is based on the parity principle and implies approximately equal number of participants on the part of the European Union and on the part of Russia (CIS). Owing to the equality obtained, the topics of sections, reports and round tables have become equally important and interesting for each part.

The scientific element of the event was provided by the cooperation with the research project on the development of an all-surface hybrid aircraft of the future ESTOLAS.

“At present, the use of composite materials determines the degree of the sophistication of aerospace production. ORPE Technologiya has a more than 30-year experience in the development and batch-production of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic structures for the aircraft engineering, the output of which increases annually by no less than 30 per cent”, Director-General O.Komissar emphasized in his report.

According to the conference members, the events of this kind are a platform of full value for the exchange of opinions, ideas and experience between the specialists and businessmen in the aircraft industry, contributing to the international cooperation in full.