ORPE Technologiya shows its developments to British aviation engineers

24 February 2014
Within Aerospace Outward Mission which took place in the British Embassy, ORPE showed to the delegation of British aviation engineers its developments in the aviation and space industries.
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Among the participants of the event were representatives of ADS Group, GE Aviation, UK Trade & Investment and a number of other foreign leaders of aerospace industry.

The enterprise’s leading specialists presented to the foreign guests the significant projects, best of all characterizing the capabilities and level of Obninsk research and production complex.

“Batch production of large-size integral stringer fin panels for the aircraft MS-21 and sound-absorbing structures for the aircraft engine Sam-146, alone with innovative aircraft and helicopter glazing and production of unique light filters for navigation lights of all Russian civil airfields are just a small part of our successful projects. The achievements in the space sphere, which are not less significant, include: temperature control panels and solar cell carriers for spacecraft, large-size structures for launchers. At the meetings like this one we have an excellent opportunity not only to represent our achievements, but also lay the groundwork for perspective international cooperation, contributing to the entry of our competitive products to the foreign market”, - said Director General of ORPE Technologiya О.Komissar.

The projects, which are unique for domestic aviation industry, were highly estimated by the participants of the meeting, who expressed their willingness to develop partnership relations.