Dmitry Rogozin visited ORPE Technologiya

4 March 2014
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D. Rogozin, Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Central Federal District А.Beglov, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Yu.Slyusar and Governor of Kaluga Region А.Artamonov were shown the production of polymer composite, glass and ceramic articles in the state scientific center of the RF OJSC ORPE Technologiya.
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During the business visit to Kaluga Region the delegation headed by D.Rogozin attended ORPE Technologiya. The guests were shown various stages included in automated production of large-size CFRP components for the tail plane for the home-produced advanced airliner MS-21 (Yak-242). The enterprise produces fin torsion boxes, stabilizers and other composite surface structures with the area up to 25 m2. The unique in Russia machine for automated prepreg lay-up enabled to organize batch production of PCM units with excellent characteristics for aerospace industry.

Unique developments also include the components for the home-produced aircraft engines PD-14 and SAM-146, represented to the guests. It is ORPE Technologiya which was the first in Russia to organize batch production of composite sound-absorbing structures for aircraft power units corresponding to stringent requirements of the international aerospace standard AS/EN 9100.

While inspecting the exposition of the transport glazing produced at the enterprise, D.Rogozin mentioned that the development of cooperation with foreign partners and increase in supply of high-technology competitive products to the external market is one of the priority goals of the domestic economy. Developing cooperation of Airbus and Technologiya on glazing supply for the repair of the aircraft fleet operated in Russia is within the conception mentioned.

Deputy Chairman of the Government and other delegation members expressed a high opinion about the level and capabilities of the research and production complex.