Successful triplex tests for the Ka-62

12 February 2014
ORPE Technologiya has successfully tested the strength properties of the unique organo-organic birdproof triplex for the domestic helicopter Ka-62.
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The tests were performed at the modernized testing site of the Enterprise in the presence of the designers of JSC Kamov, who had developed the helicopter. The glazing of the front fuselage, developed by the specialists of ORPE Technologiya, has passed the test imitating the collision of the helicopter with a bird weighing a kilogram and flying with a speed of 270 kilometres per hour. The testing site, equipped with high-precision measuring equipment and a pneumatic plant, gives the opportunity to recreate (even taking into consideration the helicopter pitching) the conditions of such a situation to the maximum extent feasible. After the collision, there was no reach-through breakdown of triplex. Moreover, there was no even the partial damage of layers, and the triplex did not lose its optical properties at that.

For the first time in the home practice, the glazing was put to the test of this type being fixed on the standard place – helicopter fuselage nose section. The test’s having been conducted with success can be surely considered to be the completeness of the first stage on the way to the development of the domestic heterogeneous electrically heated birdproof glass.