The achievements of the young scientists are presented in the exposition Science Is at Hand opened in Obninsk

26 July 2021
The exposition Science Is at Hand has been opened within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology held in Russia in 2021 and is confined to the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Obninsk, the first science city of the Russian Federation. The contribution of ORPE Technologiya nine young scientists in the development of scientific activities in various branches is presented in the exhibition.

The results of the young scientists’ research work make it possible to fully assess the possibilities and potential of State Research Centre of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin.

Research-and-Producion Complex Ceramics, which is the leader of the enterprise in the field of inventive activity and introduction of in-house research developments, is presented by five young scientists. Aleksandr Teryokhin, Head of Research Laboratory, Candidate of Science in Engineering, is the author of 22 inventions and more than 70 scientific works. A number of unique ways of missile system components non-destructive inspection have been developed under his guidance.

Covered by three patents R&D work results of Process Engineer, Candidate of Science in Engineering, Maria Tychinskaya have repeatedly got high estimates at international and all-Russian scientific-and-technical conferences. Besides, the technologies and methods developed with her participation, have been implemented into the batch production of rocket engineering products as well as industrial production.

Research Laboratory Scientist, Ilya Mikhailov is not only a co-author of three patents and a laureate of a competition Engineer of the Year - 2019 but also an introducer of the younge Obninsk citizens into the scientific work within the framework of Technolab Academy profile section functioning in the first science city. One of the most famous projects realized with his direct involvement is a multiuse machine for brachytherapy needles positioning improving the efficiency of diagnostics as well as treatment of cancer by X-ray therapy. The unique technology makes it possible to carry out more than 320 operations using only one product.

Chief of Section, Ekaterina Mironova is the owner of eight patents for inventions. The unique ceramic materials for high-speed aircraft nose fairings have been created under her supervision. The engineering solutions developed by her Section have improved the reliability of products by 20 per cent.

The scientific activity of Dmitry Chulkov is focused on research and development of new methods and aids of aircraft structure materials and components non-destructive inspection. The young scientist has got the data making it possible to develop the methods of products quality and reliability improvement. Two patent requests were applied further to his research.  

ORPE Technologiya Research-and-Producion Complex Polymer  is presented by Alexei Korneychuk, Chief of Research Laboratory. The unrivaled throughout the world composition and process of manufacture of a material for rocket fairing providing its performance at 500°С have been developed under his supervision. The results of his work are covered by two patents and know-how.

The advances in domestic cosmonautics and aircraft engineering are impossible to imagine without Research-and-Producion Complex Composite. Using components manufactured by ORPE Technologiya, 61 space vehicles have been placed into orbit, more than 100 Proton-M carrier rockets have successfully been launched, and the MC-21 long-haul airliner is under preparation for the batch production. Senior Scientific Researcher of Laboratory for the Development of Technologies of Composite Load-Carrying Structures for Rocket-and-Space Industry and Space Objects Manufacture, Candidate of Science in Engineering, Yaroslav Khmelnitsky has taken part in carrying out a number of unique projects. The most significant contribution of the young scientist is the development of new-generation temperature control panels and solar cell carriers, as well as manufacture of space engineering temperature control system radiators. In the new system of spacecraft temperature conditions assurance the application of superthermally-conductive carbon fiber-reinforced plastic reduces the radiator weight compromising on reliability and energy efficiency of the whole structure by 15 per cent. 

ORPE Technologiya  Research-and-Producion Complex Glass is the oldest one of the enterprise. It is this division from which the history of Technologiya starts. It is hard to imagine the implementation of domestic aerospace projects without participation of the Complex young scientists who make an invaluable contribution to the solving of these tasks. The manufacture of structural optics products for passenger and fighter aircraft is carried out under the supervision of Deputy Head of Heat-Resistant Glass Optical Products Synthesis and Development Laboratory Fyodor Parshin. The matter concerns not only the manufacture of electrically heated cockpit windows but also transparent wing-to-navigation lights fairing.  

Research-and-Producion Complex Glass Head of Laboratory Group Nikita Shatalin is specializing on manufacture of structural optics products from solid optical polycarbonate, a new material for Russian aircraft manufacturers. One of his fields of concern is the work on fifth-generation aircraft and helicopter glazing having low weight and unique properties. Based on the results of the scientist’s works, eight patents for an invention have been obtained.

“Obninsk is famous for its achievements far outside the region. But Technologiya with its advances and potential holds a specific place among the city-forming enterprises. Our enterprise is the true leader, and this is the unique team of dedicated professionals who makes it like this,” stated Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.