Showing capabilities

6 February 2014
The representatives of the company Aircelle visited ORPE Technologiya. The aim of the visit was to estimate the enterprise’s capabilities relating to adaptation and organization of batch production of composite material parts within the implementation of the program concerning the production of the engine nacelle for the home-produced engine SAM-146.
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The managers of the external supply department and industrial division of the company estimated the conformance of equipment and document circulation at ORPE Technologiya to the requirements of the corporation Safran which is the world leader in the production of aircraft engine nacelles.

At the final meeting the foreign guests mentioned a high technical level of developments, equipment supply, production culture and the employees’ professionalism. The visitors were particularly impressed by the capabilities, shown at the site of the production of SAM-146 engine sound-suppressing panels, completely complying with the strict requirements of international standards. Not less attention was paid to the advantages of the enterprise location in terms of logistics. To these advantages belong a short distance from Moscow, the location of federal roads and railways in close vicinity.

Owing to wide introduction of information technologies and lean production methods into manufacturing process the enterprise is prepared to be accredited in the international system Nadcap. Therefore, ORPE Technologiya showed itself well-prepared to work with foreign customers. The Aircelle representatives, in their turn, pledged their willingness to contribute to this process in all aspects.