ORPE Technologiya is a coauthor of the record

5 February 2014
According to the results of the previous year, Russia has surpassed its own 2011 record in the number of successful carrier rocket launches – more than thirty – considerably leaving behind the other countries.
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For 14 Proton-M and Rokot carrier rockets lifted off ORPE Technologiya produced carbon fiber-reinforced plastic nose fairing and local shells, wiring ducts, instrument section and air ducts components, having become, in point of fact, the coauthor of practically every second space shot.

It is worth emphasizing that the Enterprise took part in the international project on the development of the South Korian rocket Naro (KSLV-1), for which it produced the shells of the first-stage transfer module.

Moreover, there have been produced more than 70 composite panels for the temperature-control systems and ultralight solar cell carriers used in 11 space vehicles of various applications. To date, nearly a score of satellites, the structures of which include the production of the Obninsk Enterprise, is successfully working on the earth orbit.

“The development and production of articles for the rocket-and-space industry is a key indicator of the Enterprise’s rank, because it is here that the innovative decisions and technologies mostly concentrate. The employees of ORPE Technologiya do their best not only to hold the bridgeheads in this economic sector, but also to expand steadily the competencies available. It is safe to say that we have succeeded in doing this”, Director-General O.Komissar noted.

In December 2013, the unique launch of the light-class carrier rocket Soyuz-2-1v with the orbital injection module Volga was successfully carried out. The orbital injection module structure included a new generation temperature-control system with the panels produced by ORPE Technologiya. It should be emphasized that this is the first in the history of the Enterprise application of its production for the Soyuz carrier rocket.