Employees of ORPE Technologiya Have Received Federal Awards for Their Invention

24 June 2021
Employees of ORPE Technologiya have received awards from Rospatent for their achievements in inventive activity and contribution to the development of intellectual property protection. Dmitry Kharitonov and Vasily Raylyan, employees of the Ceramics division were awarded the Badge of Honor of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. Three employees of the same division - Antonina Anashkina, Sergey Vorobyev and Vladimir Antonov, as well as the representative of the Composite division Nikolay Stepanov were awarded Rospatent Diplomas.

The Ceramics division is the leader of the enterprise in inventive activity and manufacturing introduction of research results. All the awardees are co-authors of dozens of patents for inventions and utility models. Dmitry Kharitonov, deputy director of the Ceramics department, D.Sc. in Engineering, has a record in this area with 95 inventions, 30 of which have been put into production.

Over the years, employees of the enterprise have received more than 1,500 certificates of authorship and patents. Today ORPE Technologiya has exclusive rights to 400 inventions, utility models and know-how.