Studying Byelorussian colleagues’ experience

3 February 2014
Director General of ORPE Technologiya paid a working visit to Belarus State Research and Production Powder Metallurgy Association.
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During his visit О.Komissar met the association management and had an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of Byelorussian colleagues.

“It’s worth specifying not only the enterprise's modern research and production base and the employees’ high professional level, but also the accredited test center, working in accordance with international and Russian standards. Further development of cooperation in adjacent directions can be certainly considered perspective and mutually beneficial”, - said О.Komissar.

Cooperation on the production of space industry components appears to be the most perspective. The cooperation will make it possible, for example, to increase considerably the efficiency of spacecraft temperature control. The Byelorussian part suggested a number of unique technologies and science-intensive solutions as well as equipment for batch production of innovative goods. In the near future the specifications of the joint project are planned to be discussed.