A unique triplex for aviation created at ORPE Technologiya

22 January 2014
ORPE Technologiya has created a unique organo-organic birdproof triplex for the domestic helicopter Ka-62. This is the result of the first stage of R&D work aimed at the development of heterogeneous electrically heated birdproof glazing for the domestic market.
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The glazing developed combines light weight and high strength characteristics. It withstands the impact of a bird flying at a speed of 265 km/hr, and as for the set of characteristics it has no analogs nowadays.

Testing of unique glazing at the updated test site of the Enterprise is scheduled to be performed in the near future. A nose section of the helicopter fuselage will be delivered to the Enterprise for testing. The performance of strength tests with glazing positioned in a standard place will make it possible to approximate the process of claimed properties evaluation to the real conditions as much as possible.