ORPE Technologiya has developed new heat-resisting and chemically stable composite material

24 March 2021
 JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin has developed a new composite ceramic material based on zirconium dioxide. The material is capable of resisting a thermal shock up to 2000°С and it can be used in aggressive chemical environment. The created heat-resisting ceramics are intended for the manufacture of the products for high-temperature service.

The scientists of Technologiya started the development of the new material in 2019 to meet the needs of the nuclear industry enterprises with the purpose of import substitution. After analyzing the experience of using various ceramic materials for the manufacture of the products operating in the aggressive environment, the specialists decided to use zirconium dioxide as a basis of the composition with a unique set of properties: high strength and hardness, heat resistance and ion conductivity, biological inertness and chemical resistance in metal melts. To achieve the specified characteristics (high heat- and chemical resistance), zirconium dioxide was synthesized from nanocrystalline powders with additions of magnesium and calcium oxides. Thus, a composition was obtained having the properties of all included elements.

The new composite ceramic material is made from domestic raw materials and is intended for the manufacture of products to be subjected to thermal shock at operating temperatures up to 2000°С. The material can be used for manufacturing the refractory nozzles, the metal melts spray valves, the dosers for continuous steel casting, the crucibles for induction melting of metals and alloys. A pilot batch of wear parts for the metal powder plants to be used for making high-precision products of the aerospace and nuclear power industries by the additive method has already been manufactured from a composition based on zirconium dioxide. This pilot batch has successfully passed the first tests.

“This development is one of 50 R&D results patented by our enterprise in 2020. The new composite ceramic material will be widely used in the civilian industry products manufacture. Nobody in Russia is currently producing the composite material with such characteristics, but there is a demand for it. The products made of such material are indispensable in the metal and nuclear power industries, in transport engineering. In addition, we will be able to solve the problem of import substitution of components and wear parts to be used both for instrumentation of production and for products manufacturing”, noted the Director General of ORPE Technologiya Andrei Silkin.