ORPE Technologiya modernizes the test site

10 December 2013
The planned modernization of the test site for the dynamic testing of structural optics products has been completed at the Enterprise. The work was financed within the framework of the Federal Target Program RGAT.
модернизация полигона в ОНПП Технология

The modernization has made it possible to stabilize the parameters of the equipment and substantially extend its capabilities.

The air and railway transport glazing is impact tested at the test site by the pneumatic plant shots. The locomotive windshield must withstand the impact of 0.5-kg object flying at a speed of 100-400 km/hr and the aircraft windshield must withstand the strike of a 2-kg bird flying at a speed of 600 km/hr.

Over 70 shots were fired in the course of equipment preparation which permitted a high-precision calibration of the pneumatic plant. The pressure applied to the pneumatic plant allows one to regulate the speed of the flying object to the accuracy of 1 km/hr.

The test site equipment meets the most stringent requirements of the regulatory documents. Besides, the modernization provided the possibility of testing not only the air and railway transport glazing but also (in perspective) the aircraft body.