The manufacturing quality of marine equipment glazing produced by JSC ORPE Technologiya complies with the shipbuilding industry standards

4 June 2020
In the course of the follow-up audit the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) experts have confirmed the compliance of JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin marine equipment glazing manufacturing quality to the shipbuilding industry standards.

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping has approved the manufacturing quality of 32 types of optical structures for cabin windows and vessel viewports.  The certification of the JSC ORPE Technologiya marine equipment glazing manufacturing is going to enhance the cooperation with shipbuilding companies.

‘The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping audit has confirmed the marine equipment glazing manufacturing stability and its quality management system at our enterprise which enables us to participate in shipbuilding industry projects and expand our marine glazing market share” , - the Director General of JSC ORPE Technologiya Andrey Silkin claimed.