In 2019 the amount of R&D work doubled

6 February 2020
On the eve of Russian Science Day ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin summarized the results of scientific activities in 2019. The part of R&D operating income was 560 million rubles last year, twice as much as in 2018. The enterprise received patents for 50 inventions.

The results of scientific activities of ORPE Technologiya in 2019 were summarized at the joint meeting of the academic council, the scientific and technical council and the council of young scientists and specialists on the 5th of February 2020. Last year the scientists of the enterprise successfully finished research projects on three government contracts for an overall amount of 248 million rubles. Conducted research helped to develop a new manufacturing technology of interference coatings for transparencies, which makes it possible to apply more than 200 layers on an optical structure. The technology applied improves performance properties of transparencies produced at the enterprise for different kinds of equipment. We also developed a new thermal-resistant glass-fiber-reinforced honeycomb withstanding temperature up to 500 °С. Such material finds its application in producing high-speed air- and spacecraft. Both developments do not have analogues in Russia.

“Research activity makes it possible for the enterprise to develop and lead in the sector. That`s why we do not stay still. In 2019 the enterprise received 50 patents for inventions, by one third more than in 2018. The amount of R&D work doubled from 300 to 560 million rubles. Our scientists do not lose inventive enthusiasm and this is the main driving factor. In 2019 we began 5 new government contract research projects with work completion date in 2019-2022 for an overall amount of 987 million rubles. I am sure that the scientists of the enterprise will achieve all the objectives set and contribute to scientific achievements with new discoveries,” said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya, opening the meeting.

At present 700 employees work in the scientific sector of the enterprise, among them 70 PhD. In 2019 the scientists of ORPE Technologiya published their scientific research in 220 Russian and foreign magazines, collections of scientific papers, presented 146 reports at science and technology conferences. The enterprise held XXII International science and technology conference “Structures and technologies for manufacturing articles from non-metallic materials”, in which 600 delegates from 8 countries took part. The record number of 220 reports with results of the latest studies in the field of nonmetallic technologies and products were presented. Thus in 2019 the enterprise successfully accomplished all scientific indicators as State Research Center of the Russian Federation, once again having confirmed the status it has already had for 25 years.