Technologiya presented ultralight composite solar cell carrier at the International Exhibition Space Tech Expo Europe-2019

19 November 2019
The exhibited at Tech Expo Europe-2019 composite structure manufactured by Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin makes it possible to enhance the operational efficiency of space technology and prove the steady operation of research equipment.

Maximum specific weight of a carrier which is the base for a solar cell makes up about 400 g/m2, and the weight of a structure with photocells is less than 1.3 kg/ m2. This characteristic is one of the best in the world. The operational efficiency of space technology is likely to increase by 30%, owing to such characteristics. Moreover, high stiffness of the structure makes it possible to minimize the emerging mechanical vibrations of a spacecraft as well as provide the stability in the equipment operation. This is primarily important for the functioning of the optical devices monitoring and recording the unique data. 

“Since weight characteristics of the components have impact on the spacecraft functioning, a fight for each kilogram arises when creating them. The results obtained by our specialists facilitate the improvement of the efficiency of space technology. We are presenting the fourth generation of composite solar cell carriers at Space Tech Expo Europe-2019 Exhibition. Today the enterprise is engaged in the development of new parts the weight of which is to be even lighter than the weight of the previous ones. Such structures are available not only in space industry. We are ready to supply the similar products to the customers working in the field of solar energy”, stated Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.    

High results in solving the task of ultralight solar cell carrier manufacture are achieved through the application of production technology developed in partnership with RPE TAIS as well as up-to-date domestic composite materials. One of the important characteristics of the parts is cost-effectiveness, as the value of these products is several times lower than the value of the existing similar ones. 

ORPE Technologiya is the leading developer and manufacturer of science-intensive products made from polymer composite materials for space industry. Each year the enterprise releases about 150 solar cell carriers for space industry use, and in general it takes a third of the Russian market of composite materials, ranking among the world’s five leading in the industry enterprises.

The International Exhibition Space Tech Expo Europe is the largest exhibition and discussion platform for European enterprises and organizations specializing in the development and production of space industry products. The event takes place in Bremen (Germany) on 19-21 November.