ORPE Technologiya has produced 1800 thermal control panels for space industry

30 October 2019
The first thermal control panels from composite materials were produced by ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin 20 years ago. Development of the unique manufacturing technology reduced the ratio of labor to output to a one third and almost entirely eliminated a risk of failure of space equipment because of thermal conditions disorder. 
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In 1999 ORPE Technologiya developed the manufacturing technology of thermal control panels for space vehicles able to work in nonpressurized conditions. Unlike pressurized constructions mounted on satellites at that time, the Obninsk temperature control system maintained the set-up parameters using other engineering principles. It allowed minimizing the risks of space equipment breakdown because of depressurization of the system, which resulted in the massive increase of the service life and efficiency.

By developing new products the enterprise was the first in Russia to apply the technology of production of five-ply composite structures with two-sided arrangement of heat transfer tubes. The unique engineering solution not only enhanced reliability but also improved weight characteristics of space vehicles. The first thermal control panels of ORPE Technologiya passed the space tests successfully in 2003.

“Our specialists have done the great research for 20 years. Today we can integrate a satellite frame into thermal control panels already at the stage of manufacturing, which reduces the spacecraft assembly time. Aluminum alloys were replaced by superconducting carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, which allows reducing the weight of the structures by a quarter. By using high technology products and new materials, space vehicles become more reliable and can do more good both for science and economy of the country,” said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

Since 1999 ORPE Technologiya has produced 1800 thermal control panels for space vehicles. 56 space vehicles equipped with products of the enterprise having unique technical and weight characteristics were launched into orbit.