Diploma of prestige contest

31 October 2013
ORPE Technologiya was awarded the Diploma of the Aviation Worker of the Year Contest for the achievements in the development of systems and units for the aircraft industry.
ОНПП Технология дипломант конкурса Авиастроитель года

The Enterprise has taken part in the Contest held by the Union of Russian Aircraft Manufactures on the initiative of OJSC OAK for two years in succession. This year 103 enterprises of the aircraft industry have taken part in 10 nominations of the Contest.

ORPE Technologiya was awarded the Diploma of the Organizing Committee for the development work “Sound-Absorbing Honeycomb Sandwich Structures from PCM for Aircraft Propulsion Systems”.

The development gained a well-deserved recognition is meant for the SaM-146 engine of the Russian aircraft of new generation SSJ-100. It is a stock-produced item meeting the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). More than a hundred product sets have been shipped to the customers since 2009.