ORPE Technologiya brought scientists and experts in the field of non-metallic materials from 65 cities of the world together in Obninsk

15 October 2019
XXII International Science and Technology Conference on Structures and Technologies for Manufacturing Articles from Non-metallic Materials opened in Obninsk on 15 October 2019. The event which is significant for the international scientific community is held by ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a member of the Rostec State Corporation).
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Within three days 500 delegates from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Macedonia, Belarus and Ukraine will be sharing experience in manufacturing high-technology products from polymeric composite, ceramic and glasslike materials as well as discussing the trends of development of these areas. Application of non-metallic materials in the aerospace and transport industries was the key topic of the plenary session which was held on the first day of the Conference.

“We are honored to host such a major event for the scientific community in Obninsk, the first science town in Russia. In our town there are ten scientific research institutes, three of them being State Research Centers of Russia. Among them, Technologiya is one of the driving forces of Russian science, and it does not just set innovative trends, but it also brings the expert community together to discuss key directions for the development of the industry”, noted Vladislav Shapsha, Head of Obninsk Administration, when welcoming the participants.

The three-day Conference delegates will listen to more than 200 presentations in several thematic areas: “Polymeric composite materials, technologies and structures”, “Structural ceramic materials, glass and optical coatings”, “Innovation process management and information technologies”. In addition, the Seminar on Development of Methods and Means for Measuring Material Electrodynamic Parameters and the Roundtable on Methodology for Realization of Cluster Projects in the light of the specific features of activities of the Composite and Ceramic Technologies Cluster of Kaluga Region are to be held.

“Advanced economic development is impossible without an exchange of views and experience, particularly as regards high-tech industry. The Conference is in the greatest demand as a full-fledged discussion platform in particular for scientific practitioners, the professional elite. This is evidenced by the number and geography of participants”, said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya, when opening the plenary session.