R&D project of ORPE Technologiya receives a diploma at the aircraft industry annual contest  “Aircraft Builder of the Year“                                                                                                        

28 August 2019
The development of high-strength lightweight compositions of aircraft transparencies based on monolithic polycarbonate and technology of their production won recognition from the aviation community at the contest “Aircraft Builder of the Year” in the nomination “For creation of new technology”. The awarding ceremony took place on August 27th, 2019 as part of the business program at the International Aerospace Show MAKS-2019.
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The specialists of ORPE Technologiya have developed and set up batch production of aircraft transparency compositions based on monolithic polycarbonate outperforming their foreign analogs. Science merit, originality and novelty of technical decisions reached in the course of the large-scale project were confirmed by seven patents, while the development itself received  the RF Government award in science and engineering for the year 2018.

“We have created the only national research and production base for commercial production of fundamentally new aircraft transparencies based on monolithic polycarbonate. Production facilities already in existence allow for meeting the demand of domestic aircraft industry for the products based on this advanced material in full. We focus on the extension of application scope for this product in the civilian sector”, said Andrey Silkin, General Director of ORPE Technologiya.

Notably, the scientists of ORPE Technologiya have already created heterogeneous compositions based on optical polycarbonate for high-speed train locomotives. The tests have proved the capability of the product to withstand a strike of 1kg projectile flying at a speed of 500 km/h.

The hydrofoil ship Kometa 120M is equipped with polycarbonate glazing. Active work on other attractive projects is under way. The company has entered on a R&D project on the development of new transparencies for cockpit windows of MC-21 aircraft with the use of the innovative material aiming to increase the product dynamic strength 1.5 times and to achieve weight saving by 15 % as compared to their analogs.

“Aircraft Builder of the Year” is an annual branch contest. This year the leaders of the national aircraft industry presented 167 projects to the judging panel composed of more than 100 experts – representatives of the national leading air entities.