JSC ORPE Technologiya obtained the center for testing and certification of polymer composite materials

8 August 2019
IAC Aviation Register accredited the scientific research laboratory of JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin as the technically competent testing center of polymer composite materials and composite structures intended for civil aircrafts.
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«At our company the availability of our own certified laboratory will first of all increase the effectiveness of the task solution connected with the import substitution of the materials intended for the structures production of MS-21 domestic civil aircraft, because of the fact that all the operational stages will be held at the same scientific-research facility. Also the availability of the scientific center of polymer composite materials will give us the advantages in implementation of other projects. For example it will enable us to reduce the terms of conduction of scientific-research works followed by the impact on the costs of the products», - the Director General of JSC ORPE Technologiya Andrey Silkin noticed.  

The accredited scientific-research laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment and has developed the unique techniques and means of physical tests of polymer composite materials and nondestructive testing of stock products. The obtention of IAC Aviation Register accreditation will enable the laboratory to undertake a number of tests for other domestic companies.