Technologiya will release a new type of glazing for the MC-21 cockpit

24 July 2019
ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin of the State Corporation Rostec starts to conduct R&D work to develop a new glazing for the MC-21 aircraft cockpit. The use of innovative materials will increase dynamic strength of the glazing by 1.5 times and reduce its mass by 15% compared with the analogues.
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Improved strength and weight characteristics will be achieved through the use of high-strength pentaplex based on monolithic polycarbonate developed by ORPE Technologiya. This kind of laminated material consists of two outer sheets of silicate glass, a layer of polycarbonate and two adhesive layers. During the tests carried out earlier, pentaplex proved that it is able to withstand the impact of a 1.8 kg bird at a speed of more than 600 km/hour.

“ORPE Technologiya has an extensive experience in the field of development and serial production of optical structures. The unique polycarbonate processing technology developed by ORPE makes it possible to completely eliminate optical distortion and significantly improves the strength and weight characteristics of the multilayer glass. We are confident that this technology will be in demand not only for the MC-21 project, but also for the import phase-out in the aviation, shipbuilding and railway industries”, said Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director of the State Corporation Rostec.

The new glazing for the MC-21 cockpit will be equipped with an adjustable electric heating system that is able to eliminate icing and fogging even under extreme weather conditions. In addition, the enterprise will manufacture an alternative glazing made of silicate glass.

Within the framework of the research and development work, ORPE Technologiya will carry out more than 20 types of tests, including strength tests, bird strike tests, pressure tests, high and low temperature tests, lightning strike tests, static electricity tests, etc. In 2021 the enterprise is planning to start serial production of the new glazing for the MC-21.