The Government of the Russian Federation confirmed the status of  ORPE Technologiya as a state research center

17 June 2019
On 6 June 2019 the corresponding regulation No.1221-R was signed by the Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev. ORPE Technologiya is now one of 42 scientific organizations which make a particular contribution to the innovation development of the Russian economy.
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The status of a state research center for ORPE Technologiya was confirmed for the eleventh time.

“Development and a large-scale manufacture of high-technology products with advanced properties are impossible without a solid scientific basis. Applied research conducted by the scientists of our enterprise gives an opportunity for implementing the most courageous engineering ideas,” said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

The decree “On State Research Centers of the Russian Federation” was developed in 1993 for creating an enabling environment and keeping the leading world-class scientific schools in Russia as well as for developing scientific potential of the country. The status is assigned to enterprises, scientific organizations and institutions of higher education with unique experimental facilities and highly-qualified personnel whose research results have gained international recognition.