Technologiya will provide transparencies for the pilot house of the new domestic passenger-and-freight ferry for Sakhalin

17 June 2019
The new-generation domestic passenger-and-freight automobile-railway ferry of the СNF11CPD project for the line Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) — Kholmsk (Sakhalin Region) will be provided with high-technology transparencies produced by ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a member of the Rostec State Corporation). Structural optics will allow the sea craft to be used under extreme conditions.
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Each of the 11 large-sized articles produced by ORPE Technologiya is high-strength silicate triplex which provides the total absence of optical distortions. Since the ferry under construction is classified as an icebreaker, the transparencies are equipped with intensive uniform heating system.

The new products passed the complete test cycle conducted by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping and demonstrated the conformance to the requirements of shipbuilding industry. When performing the task, the enterprise specialists put into practice the scientific and practical experience acquired during the work on the aerospace industry projects. 

“The first set of structural optics for the transparencies of the new domestic ferry pilot house has been already sent to the cooperation partner at Segal Casting-Extrusion Plant in Krasnoyarsk. It must be noted that requirements of shipbuilders are not less severe than those of aviation workers. But owing to the presence of the research, production and test base as well as the high level of competencies of subject-matter specialists, the enterprise met the target. We are also interested to be a part of this project in terms of adaptation of proven technologies to the requirements of manufacturers of the equipment for the regions with extreme weather conditions such as the Arctic”, noted Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

СNF11CPD is a new-generation automobile-railway/passenger ferry which has high loading properties, has no weather restrictions, and can work under tough ice conditions. The ferry will be used on the Vanino-Kholmsk ferry line connecting Sakhalin Island and Khabarovsk Territory. The ferry is being constructed by the Amur Shipbuilding Plant (a member of the United Shipbuilding Corporation).