Products of ORPE Technologiya were certified by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping

22 April 2019
The Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping (RMRS) have confirmed a conformance of glazing produced by JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (is a part of the State Corporation Rostec) with requirements of shipbuilding branch. Successfully tested product items have been recorded in a certificate of type approval given to our enterprise.
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The product line approved includes both quenched glass and multilayer electrically heated glass that could be mounted into illuminators and cab windows of sea ships. Quality of these products has been confirmed by design documentation inspection results and testing carried out under supervision of the RMRS experts.

‘The independent inspection has confirmed that quality of our glazing meets the requirements of shipbuilding branch. It is a very important result for us because widening of cooperation with ship building enterprises is one of the priority tasks of our  activity’, - Andrey Sylkin,  General  Director  of  ORPE  Technologiya,  has commented the event.

ORPE Technologiya has got some experience of developing and manufacturing high-tech optical glass products for water engineering such as deep-water apparatus ‘Peace’, new-generation hydrofoil ship ‘Comet 120M’. The certificate of type approval received will allow our enterprise to enhance our presence at the market of ship glazing.