ORPE “ Technologiya ” is a participant of space projects.

12 April 2019
The State Research Center of the Russian Federation “ ORPE “Technologiya” named after A.G. Romashin ” have been providing our space branch with high-tech products made of composite materials for more than 40 years by means of development and production of items and structures for rocket-launchers and space vehicles.
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Being engaged in execution of work over developing and manufacturing reusable spacecraft “Buran” ORPE “Technologiya” have determined a vector of development  of their R&D work and production activity. During the last 30 years our enterprise have taken part in almost all significant native space projects : upgrading rocket-launcher “Proton-M”; international program “ExoMars”; developing a series of in-orbit satellites “Kanopus”; space system “Arctic” and many others.

104 rocket-launchers “Proton-M” containing composite nose-cone shells produced in Obninsk have already been put into orbit and 52 space vehicles for different purposes which contain science-intensive components produced at the enterprise have been placed in orbit too.

“ At present ORPE “Technologiya” has got one-third of the Russian composite market being one of the five world leaders in this branch. The biggest volume of our composite items is produced namely for aerospace industry. ”, - Andrey Sylkin, General Director  of  Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise “ Technologiya ”, has noticed.

In 2019 ORPE “ Technologiya ” will talk part in projects on developing and manufacturing  rocket - launchers of  the “ Proton - M ” family,  rocket - launchers “ Angara-1”, “Angara-2” and “Angara - 5”. In favor of our customers the enterprise will produce more than 250 composite items for space vehicles.