JSC ORPE Technologiya  is the participant of the International Arctic Forum

9 April 2019
Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin  being a member of the State Corporation  Rostec takes part in the 5-th International Arctic Forum  ‘Arctic — Territory of Dialog’. The event dedicated to the discussion of prospects for Northern territories development will be held in    St. Petersburg on April 9th – 10th.
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The negotiations with the customers and cooperation partners are planned within a framework of the Forum. The representatives of JSC ORPE Technologiya will also take part in panel discussions and the plenary meeting.

‘Our Enterprise has got a lot of experience in the field of developing and manufacturing high-technology products with the unique properties which are also intended for equipping the technique that is operated in extreme conditions. For example, the glazing produced in Obninsk is installed in the cab of the icebreaker ‘Russia’. Being used in space and ocean deeps our composite structures and glazing repeatedly have proved their operational reliability. Those are the products which are necessary for the effective development of Arctic — the region of severe weather conditions’ — Andrey Sylkin, General Director of JSC ORPE Technologiya, has claimed.

The product line which is ready to be manufactured by Obninsk enterprise for the Arctic region exploration and development projects includes more than 20 items. Those are electrically heated glazing intended for sea ships, deep-water and ground technique; polymer honeycomb and sealing compounds which maintain their properties in a wide range of temperatures; large-dimensioned composite structures meant for providing communication means and construction of Arctic infrastructure facilities and many others.