Employees of ORPE Technologiya received government awards

15 March 2019
On  14  March 2019, the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova presented  Government prizes in science and technology to the employees of the RF State Research Center ORPE Technologiya named after A.G..Romashin   (a member of the State Corporation Rostec) for the development of innovative monolithic polycarbonate-based aircraft transparencies and their manufacturing technology.
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Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the prize winners. In his opening speech he stressed the importance of science in priority development of economic strength of Russia.

“It requires years for a scientist to achieve the result, and most notable is to create a breakthrough in the innovative development, making efforts to dip into the future. In this regard, all in attendance possess such qualities. The most important thing in is to stay strong in the pursuit of  your goals”, said the Prime Minister.

The government awards were granted to five employees of  ORPE Technologiya named after A.G..Romashin, namely, the project leader – the First Deputy Director of R&D Complex Glass Vyacheslav Samsonov, Director General Andrei Silkin, Deputy Director General for Production Anatoly Khmelnitsky, Chief of the Laboratory for the development of high-strength transportation transparencies Victor Shatalin and Production-Floor Manager Mikhail Choumbarov.

The scientific achievement of the R&D team of ORPE Technologiya is an example of the comprehensive approach to the problem. In the course of the project implementation, a technology of making complex-shaped items from optical polycarbonate was developed, knowledge-intensive production was set up, the manufacture of heterogeneous optical structures was mastered with the structures being used in the up-to-date flying vehicles, and polycarbonate low abrasion-resistance problem was solved. The technology that was initially intended for the military-industrial complex had already found use in the civilian shipbuilding industry. The sea hydrofoil passenger vessel of a new generation Kometa 120M was provided with unique high-technology transparencies.

“We are proud of the achieved result and its high estimate. The aircraft transparencies technology we have developed has no rival in the world, it provides competitive advantage not only to aircraft equipment but also to other Russian advanced equipment samples. Each of us has contributed a lot to this project. Of prime importance was the support of the company’s Director General Andrei Silkin who had made the idea implementation possible and played a key role in achieving production goals, in particular, taking on the task of using domestic materials in the manufacture of the new transparencies. That was a good teamwork”, said R&D team leader, four times winner of the RF Government prize Vyacheslav Samsonov.