Technologiya employees joined the ranks of the Russian engineering elite

22 February 2019
Two specialists of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a part of the State Corporation Rostec) became the laureates of the 19th all-Russian competition Engineer of the year-2018. Candidate of Science (Engineering) Antonina Anashkina was awarded with a diploma in the category Professional Engineer of the nomination Diversification of Military-Industrial Complex, and Candidate of Science (Engineering) Galina Kulikova became a diploma winner in the nomination Ceramics.
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Both specialists of Technologiya are engaged in the development of civil products in the field of Ceramics. A technology of manufacturing thermocouple protection tubes from silica ceramics, the large-scale deliveries of which to the customers started in 2018, was developed under the direct supervision of the laboratory chief A. Anashkina who had joined the Enterprise in 2008 immediately after graduation from D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. The achievements of the young scientist comprise the successfully defended thesis, 65 research papers as well as 26 patents for the inventions, four of which are implemented in the batch production.     

Galina Kulikova has been working at Technologiya since 1976 and is now running a sector where innovative developments of advanced materials and items in various scientific fields are carried out. Creation of a domestic ceramic-metal X-ray tube as well as alumina-mullite ceramics thermally-resistant refractories used for protection of high-temperature power unit metal structures can be regarded as the most advanced development.    

“The achievement of the scientists is of symbolic value at the 60th anniversary of the Enterprise foundation. First of all, it demonstrates the continuity of generations, secondly, it confirms the effectiveness of the course laid by us towards the expansion of civil sector based on materials and technologies used for military-industrial complex”, stated Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

Ten new types of ceramic products intended for the demands of domestic iron-and-steel and glass-manufacturing plants are under development now. Small-sized ceramic crucibles meant for thermal analysis that have already won the award in the prestigious national competition Priority-2018 are qualified as the advanced products.