Employees of ORPE Technologiya won the Government Award

25 December 2018
Five employees of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin (a member of the holding company RT-Chemcomposite of the Rostec State Corporation) won the Award of the Russian Federation Government -2018 in the field of science and technology. Scientists were awarded the Government Award for the developing a new type of aircraft glazing from monolithic polycarbonate and technology of its production.

The development created by the employees has no analogues in the world. The impact toughness of aviation monolithic carbonate glazing is 100 times higher than that of silicate glass and almost 10 times that of organic glass. Besides, it has half the weight as compared to the previously used analogues.

"Winning of the Award is not only assessment of work of the Enterprise staff, but also it is a score of the development importance for the domestic industrialization. The completed project can be called the project of import substitution in the field of structural optics as it was carried out using domestic materials, for example, optical polycarbonate was produced in the Republic of Tatarstan", said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

The first deputy director of research and production complex "Glass" Vyacheslav Samsonov was a project team leader. Director General of Obninsk Enterprise Andrei Silkin, Deputy Director General Anatoly Khmel’nitskiy, chief of production area Mikhail Chumbarov, and chief of laboratory Victor Shatalin were also awarded for the development.

In the course of working on the project started in 2014 a complex task was successfully solved: the moulding process of optical polycarbonate articles with complex geometry is developed, production sites equipped with the modern manufacturing equipment are created, heterogeneous optical structures for  modern aircrafts are produced. A problem of a low abrasive resistance of polycarbonate was solved by means of development of protection for an exterior surface by special composition. The results of intellectual activity of developers were patented in the Russian Federation.

The optical polycarbonate glazing know-how was successfully used in the project for shipbuilding industry. The new generation hydrofoil passenger vessel Kometa 120M with the unique hi-tech glazing was put on the route “Sevastopol’ – Yalta” on July 2018.  In 2019, it is expected to glaze another two vessels.

The Award - 2018 became the seventh in the history of the Enterprise. In 1995, scientists of ORPE Technologiya got the first Award of the Russian Federation Government for researches and development of the automated technology of isothermal moulding of glass products and technological equipment working at the principle of evaporator-condensing systems. Over the years, 48 employees of the Enterprise became winners of the Award of the Russian Federation Government in the field of science and technology.

Vyacheslav Samsonov, PhD became the winner of the Award of the Russian Federation Government in the field of science and technology for the fourth time. He is an honourable aircraft engineer of Russia, an author of more than 60 scientific works, an owner of 50 Russian and international copyright certificates and patents. Vyacheslav Samsonov has been working at ORPE Technologiya since 1975.

He personally participated in the Buran spacecraft glazing development, creation of technology of applying nanosized multifunctional metal-optical and organosilicone coatings, and other works. The scientist's merits to the Enterprise are noted by the Sign of A.G. Romashin.