ORPE Technologiya development received a diploma of the Golden Idea National Award

20 December 2018
At the solemn ceremony in honour of award winners of the competition the enterprise was awarded for achievements in military-technical cooperation. The award was presented by the Chairman of the State Duma Commission on legal support of development of organizations of the defense-industrial establishment of the Russian Federation Vladimir Gutenev.
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The development of a production technology of optical polycarbonate aircraft glazing with multifunctional coating presented by scientists of Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise gained recognition in the category “For successes in manufacturing military purpose products, introduction of advanced technologies and innovative solutions”. Specialists of ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin successfully solved a complex task: they developed the moulding process of optical polycarbonate articles with complex geometry for aircraft engineering and the application technology of multifunctional thin-film coatings with unique properties. Use of innovative coatings significantly reduces enemy radar signature of combat aviation. Applying the multifunctional thin-film coating, which is a nanoscale composition, considerably reduces an aircraft detection radius and thereby advances military aircraft potential and survivability. Together with a high radar absorption coefficient the coating provides a high light transmittance and reduces reflection, which improves night visibility. In the course of work the enterprise scientists managed to solve a problem of low adhesion of a coating to glazing, which affected composition wear resistance under aerodynamic influence.

 “Polycarbonate aircraft glazing with multifunctional coatings is our own development. Specialists of ORPE Technologiya have done a tremendous amount of work, in particular they managed to develop the unique equipment: industrial magnetron sputtering vacuum system. Now our enterprise can provide the domestic combat aviation with glazing meeting the highest requirements,” said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

At present there are no analogues of manufacturing such products with optical coatings in the Russian Federation. The development of Obninsk scientists enables to solve problems of import substitution and to advance fighting qualities of domestic aircraft. Introduction of the obtained results into manufacturing cycle makes it possible to provide leading Russian aircraft building companies with glazing products of superior quality.

The Golden Idea National Award was established by the Federal service for military-technical cooperation to stimulate export of Russian defensive products, development and manufacture of newest competitive export-oriented national models of weapon and military equipment. The competition has been held in Russia since 2001. Leading domestic enterprises of military-industrial complex participate in the competition.