Technologiya joined the ranks of the Russian leaders in import substitution

20 November 2018
ORPE Technologiya named after A.G.Romashin (a member of the State Corporation Rostec) won the National Award in import substitution competition Priority-2018 in the nomination Priority-Oboronprom and became a diploma winner in the nominations Priority-Metallurgy and Priority-Chemprom. The official ceremony of awarding the winners took place on 19 November 2018 in the Great Hall of the Public Chamber of Russia.
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ORPE Technologiya submitted to the competition three developments at once with regard to import substitution in the defense, electronic and metallurgy industries. The development work was carried out under the national programs as well as in the context of internal R&D activity.

The award winner of Priority-2018 was the development which ensured the setting-up of production of ceramic radioparent radomes of a fundamentally new design for high-speed aircraft. Dolgoprudninsk Scientific & Production Enterprise was the products customer. ORPE Technologiya proceeded to the development work in 2014, and as early as 2016 it started the manufacture of the first batch products. The radioparent radome developed under the import-substitution program outperformed its foreign analogue. Six patented inventions of ORPE Technologiya are implemented in its design and manufacturing method. The development has a higher potential implying the finished product upgrading if required. At present, the production capacity of ORPE Technologiya makes it possible to fully meet the demand for such products in Russia.

ORPE Technologiya was awarded with a diploma of Priority-2018 for the merit in coping with another national task: setting up the batch production of glass-ceramic microcircuit substrates in Russia for the needs of the electronic industry. The manufacture of these products was mastered within less than two years. Besides, the specialists of ORPE Technologiya not merely recreated the process of substrates manufacturing of the Soviet period but they also raised the key characteristics to a totally new level while mastering the production of items having a higher degree of operating surface finish Rz-0.024. The start of batch production became an important stage of the local content in manufacturing electronic products for the defense industry inside Russia.

The nominee of the Priority-2018 award was also the development of the technology for manufacturing small-sized ceramic crucibles intended for thermal analysis, which are purchased at present from abroad. By meeting this challenge, the Russian companies have the opportunity to buy microcrucibles having structural parameters and technical characteristics  on a par with those of foreign analogues and which are at half price. Such products can be in demand not only in metallurgy but also in the chemical industry, mineralogy and other industries.

“By accomplishing the tasks of import substitution, we not only master the manufacture of the new types of products but we also resolve issues relating to further advancement of the company and national security. This business line is of strategic importance for us”, said Andrei Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

In the list of structural optics products of ORPE Technologiya intended for the railway transport there are more than 250 items. Currently, the company supplies 70% of the driver’s cabin glazing for the rail vehicles in the Russian market.