Scientific and technical work of ORPE Technologiya employees won the all-Russian competition "Orbita Molodezhy"

9 October 2018
Research on the development of manufacturing technology of radiotransparent multilayer structures made of heat-resistant composite materials for the advanced aircrafts has become the best in "New Materials and Substances for the Rocket and Space Engineering" nomination. Results of the research were presented by the work coauthor, deputy chief of the laboratory of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation ORPE "Technologiya" named after A. G. Romashin, Irina Atroshchenko.
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Ninety out of one hundred twenty eight scientific and technical works allowed to a selection tour reached the final of the competition that took place at the Siberian State University of Science and Technology named after the academician M. F. Reshetnev, Krasnoyarsk (Reshetnev University). Nine of them were presented in "New Materials and Substances for the Rocket and Space Engineering" nomination. The problem of aircraft components protection (preservation) against high thermal loads and its solution were considered in scientists’ teamwork of ORPE Technologiya. The heat-protection shield made of multilayer radiotransparent composite material developed by specialists of the Enterprise ensures protection of functional components of the structure against the influence of an ambient temperature up to 1500°C.

"Our advantage is that we do not buy technologies but we create them. Existence of own science schools, active youth involving into scientific work allows us to remain the unique Center of Competencies capable to resolve any tasks", said Andrey Silkin, Director General of ORPE Technologiya.

The all-Russian youth competition of scientific and technical works "Orbita Molodezhy" is held by the State Space Corporation Roscosmos for detection of innovative projects, establishment of creative communication between young specialists of the organizations of the rocket-space industry. In 2018 participants of the all-Russian competition "Orbita Molodezhy" together with participation in a scientific and practical conference had an opportunity of training at the "School of the young scientist" organized with the assistance of leading enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Region, experts of the organizations of the rocket and space industry and lecturers of Reshetnev University.