The achievements of the young scientists are presented in the exposition Science Is at Hand opened in ObninskNews list hcfa9n5s8rvl 26 July 2021The exposition Science Is at Hand has been opened within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology held in Russia in 2021 and is confined to the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Obninsk, the first science city of the Russian Federation. The contribution of ORPE Technologiya nine young scientists in the development of scientific activities in various branches is presented in the exhibition.ORPE Technologiya is ready to increase the production level of components for MC-21News list jctn7w395vda 21 July 2021Within the framework of the International Aerospace Show MAKS-2021business program Andrey Silkin, Director General of JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin, and Elena Georgieva, the Chairman of Board of Novikombank, have signed an agreement for financing of MC-21components batch production. The Rostec State Corporation base bank is to open a credit line for the enterprise in excess of 1.35 billion rubles for the purchase of additional equipment the necessity of which is caused by increase in production of load-carrying composite structures produced by the Obninsk enterprise for the advanced Russian airliners.ORPE Technologiya improves the methods of applying metal-optical coatingsNews list 6nswtzdgjq1z 8 July 2021JSC ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin has improved the characteristics of the vacuum coating system intended for research and production purposes. Engineering and software solutions implemented by the specialists of the enterprise made it possible to create the metal-optical structures with more than 200 layers. The thickness of each layer is close to molecular and ranges from 0.25 to 0.3 nm.