Driver’s cabin transparencies

ORPE Technologiya manufactures more than 400 types of transparencies for railway transport cabins covering 50% of the needs of the Russian market.

The enterprise carries out research, develops structures and manufacturing technologies, and mass-produces transparencies both for existing rail transport and for advanced equipment.

The transparency in the driver's cabin is a one- or multilayer composition set in a rubber seal or a metal frame with flexible polymer materials.

The transparencies manufactured by ORPE Technologiya are certified in the Railway Equipment Registry.

Electrically heated transparencies come complete with a non-contact thermoelectric regulator for automatic regulation and maintenance of the temperature within the specified range.


high strength to protect the operator from being hit by a hard object;

light transmission of at least 70% with minimal optical distortion;

acing and fogging protection in case of temperature difference.


Multi-purpose coatings can be applied to transparencies to protect the operator from electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation and solar radiation heat flow.