Thermal honeycomb panels for space vehicles

sandwich structures consisting of aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum or CFRP skins

Intended use:

Constitute the elements of spaceship body which maintain the temperature of spaceship structural elements, instruments and units within the tolerable limits at all stages of operation, are used in space vehicles Spektr-R, Spektr-RG, Elektro, Luna Glob, Luna Resurs, KazSat, Kanopus V, EKS, Rezonans, MKA FKI, etc.


• Instrument-location accuracy - 0,05 mm, center-to-center distance between the elements – up to 0.1 mm over the whole surface of the panel;

• Increase of space vehicle service life up to12-15 years;

From the date of technical specifications issue till the manufacture of end-use products – no more than 3 months.