Shaped and flat articles

generalized environmentally safe pultrusion technology combines in one process the impregnation of reinforcing material with the binder, continuous feeding of filler, molding and simultaneous polymerization of binder, cutting of finished profile to size.

Materials used: glass, carbon and organic fibers or roving, special fast-curing binders, coloring agents, anticipatory additives, elastomers.

Intended use:

for aerospace, building and automobile industries, transport floor and interior panels, sporting and medical equipment.


• manufacture of profiles of any type is possible: solid and lightened by honeycomb filler, plane-parallel, triangular or round in section, with several asymmetrical intracavities, tubular, in the form of stringer with closed or open surface, up to 3000 mm2 in sectional area, three- or five-ply panels with the filler;

• the surface of the article can be braided (in order to improve strength) or decorated.