ORPE “Technologiya” realizes its research activities, the results of which define the scientific and technical policy in the development of materials and structures for rocket-and-space, aviation and other types of machinery and equipment.

High scientific potential and wide experience in the execution of work on the development of novel materials, unique structures and technologies allow the Enterprise to solve very complex problems set by the customer.

Theoretical and experimental research is carried out in the following guidelines:

• Polymer materials;

• Fiber-reinforced composites;

• Honeycomb fillers;

• Composite articles and structures featuring unique properties and technical characteristics;

• Effective and useful for batch production technologies of composite articles;

• Advanced glass materials and technologies;

• Unique optics;

• Multifunctional coatings and plating technology for glazing products;

• Advanced ceramics and products made from them;

• Thermal insulating materials.