XXII International Science and Technology Conference on Structures and Technologies for Manufacturing Articles from Non-metallic Materials

15-17 October 2019, Obninsk, Russia

Key Topics of the Conference

  1. Polymeric composite materials, technologies and structures

  2. Structural ceramic materials, glass and optical coatings

  3. Innovation process management and information technologies

The Seminar on Development of Methods and Means for Measuring Material Electrodynamic Parameters is to be held within the scope of the Workshop-2 on Structural Ceramic Materials, Glass and Optical Coatings.

The Roundtable on Methodology for Realization of Cluster Projects in the light of the specific features of activities of the Composite and Ceramic Technologies Cluster of Kaluga Region is scheduled to be held as part of the Workshop-3 on Innovation Process Management and Information Technologies.

To register for the Seminar and Roundtable, please contact the secretaries of the corresponding Workshops. The contact information is provided on page Contact Information.

Conference Venue

Rosatom Тechnical Academy (21 Kurchatov Street, Obninsk).

Terms & Conditions

Deadline for registration:
— by September 15th, 2019 — speakers
— by October 10th, 2019 — attendees

Deadline for paper submission:
— by September 15th, 2019

Deadline for registration fee payment:
— by October 10th, 2019

Conference registration fee: RUR 1000, complimentary registration for university students.


Online compulsory pre-registration. Registration through our applications for Android and iOS.


Abstracts of oral presentations must meet the following requirements.

Following the results of the Conference, Conference proceedings book will be published. To include an abstract to the Conference proceedings book, please provide an expert conclusion on the possibility of open access publication of it.

An abstract together with an expert conclusion should be attached to the Application Form.

Posters must meet the following requirements..

Conference program