Human resources policy

The main purpose of the human resources policy is to satisfy the Enterprise’s demand for human resources, maintaining the optimum quality and quantity of the personnel capable of solving the problems of the development and release of competitive products at a high proficiency level.

The administration and human resources department of ORPE “Technologiya” pay great attention to the issues of employment and retention of young people, employee training and education, development of a work motivation system.


Vocational-Oriented Education of Schoolchildren

Arrangement of technical visits, attendance of production exhibitions.

Speaking engagements with presentations arranged by the Enterprise’s representatives at schools.

Organization of joint topical visits and meetings with the veterans of work.

Participation of schoolchildren in scientific conferences.

Assistance of the Enterprise’s researchers in carrying out research.

Training of the Professional Personnel for Blue-Collar Jobs

The Enterprise has its own training and production facilities for the training of workers: upgrading, getting a sideline, and purpose-oriented courses.

To improve the status of blue-collar jobs and to upgrade qualifications, the workers are sent to participate in the regional contest on professional skills “The Best Professional Worker”.

There have been created the conditions necessary for the students to do practical work at the Enterprise. For the practical work time, every student has an instructor, and whenever possible, is employed.

Specialists of Higher Education

Within the framework of the implementation of the state scheme for the education of research workers and specialists, the Enterprise gives referrals to applicants for the special-purpose admission to educational institutions.

In accordance with the contract concluded between the student and the Enterprise, the student is guaranteed employment with the obligation to work at ORPE “Technologiya” for at least three years. During the whole course of studies, the student receives an extra payment to the scholarship.

Priority purpose-oriented specialist fields:

· Design-engineering support for machine-building production operations;

· Materials sciences and technologies (major: design and composite production);

· Industrial chemistry.

Profile institutions of higher professional education:

· N.E. Baumann Moscow State Technical University;

· D.I.Mendeleev Russian Chemical-Engineering University;

· K.E. Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University;

· Moscow Aviation Institute and other technical institutions of higher education.

On the basis of ORPE “Technologiya” the Materials Sciences branch department of Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of National Nuclear Research University “Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute” is at work from 2000 on in compliance with the concluded contract for the training and education of engineers (specialists) in the field of materials sciences and new materials technology.

Since 2011, the students take master’s degree at the Materials Sciences branch department, and since 2012, they receive bachelorhood.

The classrooms for students are equipped with the state-of-the-art computers and office appliances. The staff members of the Enterprise take part in teaching, develop study programs, lead graduation projects, and are members of examining boards.

The following disciplines are taught:

· Introduction to Speciality;

· Certification and Marketing in New Materials and Technologies;

· Physics and Chemistry of Materials and Coatings;

· Simulation and Optimization of Materials and Technologies.

The graduates of the Materials Sciences branch department are employed according to their specialization.

The students of higher education establishments have an opportunity to do practical training and externship at the Enterprise, and write their thesis works under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist.

The workers who combine their work with going into higher education get a material support in the form of a tuition payment.

Scientific Personnel Training

At the Enterprise, there have been formed the Board of Academics and the Scientific-Methods Board to improve the efficiency of the scientific personnel training, to increase the activity and status of research, and to maintain the activity of the National Science Centre of the RF.

There have been developed and is being implemented the Plan for the training of higher qualification personnel for a period of 2013-2018.

There have been created the conditions necessary for the employees to prepare and defend a Ph.D. or doctoral thesis.

Applicants for the Candidate of Science degree and postgraduate students take the courses on History and Philosophy of Science and a Foreign Language using the funds of the Enterprise and pass successfully their qualifying examinations for the Candidate’s degree.

The employees who have defended a Candidate of Science or doctoral thesis are transferred to scientific positions and paid grants or monthly payments.

Management Development and Advanced Training of Specialists

Advanced training and professional retraining are conducted on a contract basis at advanced training institutes, academies, and training centers according to educational programs within the framework of the Enterprise’s activity.

In 2012, to provide prompt and good training of the would-be executives and continuity of the Enterprise’s management, the administration of the Enterprise took a decision to form a pool of managerial personnel consisting of prospective young employees (aged up to 35) and appointed it. The work with the personnel pool includes: training according to the advanced training program “Managerial personnel pool of the Enterprise”; participation in the presidential managerial personnel training program; practical training directly at work places, as well as working on probation holding a would-be position.



At ORPE “Technologija”, the problem of influx of graduates and holding them at work places is solved as an integrated problem through the system of local statutory legal acts in force, which provide material incentives for the performance, quality of the work done, and professional skill. At present, the following documents are in force at the Enterprise:

· Regulation on material incentives for the development of human resources of ORPE “Technologija”, which provides monthly payments for young employees and monthly extra payments for graduate students or applicants for the Candidate of Science degree;

· Regulation on the order of establishing surcharges and grants to research associates of ORPE “Technologija” for the degrees of Doctor of Science and Candidate of Science”;

· Regulation on the order of establishing and paying surcharges to tariff to qualified personnel of the Enterprise for professional skill.

The housing problem is solved with the use of the following documents:

· Regulation on payment of a monthly partial compensation to young non-resident employees for a rented accommodation;

· Regulation on the order and conditions of compensation for interest charges on building or housing credits obtained by the young specialists who work at ORPE “Technologija”.