from ceramics based on reaction-bonded Si3N4 or self-bonded SiC

Intended use:

for fusible non-ferrous metals (silver, gold, copper, aluminum).


Volume – from 30 to 1000 ml;

• Lack of chemical interaction with aluminum melts (for reaction-bonded Si3N4) at 700 – 1200 °С;

• Highly resistant to Pb (400 °С), Sn (300 °С), Zn (550 °С) melts;

• High corrosion resistance (for reaction-bonded Si3N4) in molten salts NaCl and KCl at temperatures up to 800 °С);

from heat-resistant alumina-mullite ceramics

Intended use:

for melting nickel alloys.


• Resistant to nickel alloy melts at the temperatures of up to 1750°С;

• No less than 10 melting operations;

• Weight of alloy being melted – up to 250 kg.